Andrea’s 2012 Competition Season

06/22/2012 by: Andrea

I’ve been a busy girl this season!

I started my prep on December 1st, 2011…..with every intention of earning my PRO card in 2012. That is the goal that I set for myself when I began my competition journey way back in 2008.

I competed in my very first competition, on March 17th of this year, in Atlanta, Georgia at the USA Atlantic Bodybuilding Championships in figure division. I won my class and competed for the overall title.

From there I went to Charleston, South Carolina, on May 19th, to compete in my first national level competition of the year. I placed 7th out of 30 girls. Not too shabby, considering I took 2011 off to focus on other things. But 7th wasn’t good enough for me…so I continued my quest and pushed even harder.

I decided to give the new Women’s Physique division a try since I have nice cuts in my physique and always come in harder than your average figure competitor. I received feedback from many in the industry that advised me, including my coach…Mike Davies…that this division was the perfect one for me.

I went to Gadsden, Alabama on June 16th and competed in the SouthEastern Gold’s Classic and won my class and earned the OVERALL title! Joyous!!!

Now, this brings me to the present where I’m continuing my prep to compete in Teaneck, New Jersey on July 7th in Women Physique to hopefully earn my PRO card! Nothing is ever guaranteed….I just have to keep pushing towards my goals. I’m determined, driven and more focused than I have ever been.

I’ve experienced MANY obstacles and setbacks along the way this year. You name it, I have dealt with it!!! Everything from personal struggles, financial difficulties and injuries out the wazoo! I have a condition in both feet called Plantar Faciastis, which is the inflammation of the tendons that run along the length of your feet. I have explored all remedies to correct this issue and nothing is going to heal me but rest. However, I cannot rest right now. I had cortison injections 2 days before leaving for JR USA and received my 2nd injections just yesterday and am struggling just to walk around today. I will NOT give up……pushing forward ALWAYS!!!

I will keep you guys updated with my progress!!!

No one will ever see me quit, because I simply won’t. If I start something, I will finish it and do it well.
~Steve Belmarsh

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