Achieved my goal……

07/28/2012 by: Andrea

Well, it has been 3 weeks since I turned PRO!!! Yes, I said it, PRO!!! Wow, what a journey it has been! I’m still relishing in the moment and have to pinch myself at times! Did this really happen? YES!!! Wow, looking back on all my years of training, diet and tears (lol)….I finally did it! More to share….I have a new coach! Very excited about working with him and his team….after working with my previous coach for 2 years, I decided it was time to try new things, have new experiences and continue to push forward. The friendships I have formed, however, I will always cherish. I have met some of the best people in the industry. Next up….the OLYMPIA!!! Mark my word….I will be there! Until then, I am planning on working with one of my favorite photographers, Wendi Satio, again! Such a fun day shooting with her!!! Also, on the list, are interviews and more photoshoots in Atlanta next month!!! Yay!!! Until then, Happy Training!!!

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