Testimonial of my work from my client, Holland Canter….

02/02/2013 by: Andrea

My name is Holland Canter, and I am a National NPC Physique Competitor. I first met Andrea in March 2012 at the NPC Atlantic USA competition in Atlanta, GA. I was backstage all alone at the competition, and Andrea sat down next to me. We started chatting a bit, and we immediately hit it off. This was only my second competition, and I could tell that Andrea was a well-seasoned competitor. She started pouring knowledge on me, and she answered any questions I had about competing. She even helped me put on my bikini bite and oil up. I knew that I had made a friend! After the competition, we exchanged numbers and added each other on Facebook. For the next couple of months, we stayed in touch on Facebook, and I was so happy for Andrea when she won her IFBB Pro Card at Team U! I went on to compete at the 2012 NPC USA’s in Las Vegas in July. After a poor placing, I emailed Andrea and asked her how she attained her leanness for Team U. I also asked her how she avoided a weight rebound after her national competition because I had a terrible experience after USA’s with bloating and weight gain. Andrea asked me to send her a snippet of my diet and asked what my cardio was like. Since my diet was proprietary information from another trainer, I only briefly described what my diet was like. I also told her I was doing 2 hours of cardio every day. After reviewing what I sent her, Andrea told me she believed that I needed a serious change to my nutrition and contest prep. She said what I was doing was detrimental to my health and that she could help me. Then, I reviewed her rates and decided it would be a good and affordable idea to hire Andrea for my prep for Nationals in November.

I purchased the Nutrition, Supplement, and Cardio plans from Andrea, and we started my prep about 10 week out. When I received my first nutrition plan, I was shocked to see so much “real” food on it and even a little fruit. On my last plan, I was drinking mostly protein drinks for my meals, so this was a real change. I was also shocked to see the importance of supplement timing. Before working with Andrea, I had just taken my supplements in the morning or in the evening. I also loved the mixture of cardio plans I received. There was never a boring cardio session and definitely no more hour long sessions.

After the first three weeks, I did not lose as much weight as Andrea had hoped, so she made some changes to my meal plan and continued to check up on me every week through my weekly progress pictures. She explained that now was crunch time, and it was better to be strict this far out than to push myself right before the competition. She explained if I pushed myself now, I would avoid the rebound I had after USA’s. At one point, I posted a picture on Facebook of me drinking a Diet Pepsi instead of beer, and Andrea immediately contacted me and said that I must not drink diet drinks. Andrea explained the damage they were doing to my prep. Even to this day, I rarely drink diet drinks because the side effects are just not worth it. Water is so much better for you, and Andrea really helped me to see that! After changing up my nutrition and taking out diet sodas, I dropped the weight to put me right on track 4 weeks out from the competition. I was already at 8.9% body fat, and I still had 4 weeks to go!

At my next nutrition update, Andrea gave me more of a maintenance nutrition plan because I only had a few more pounds to drop before the competition. She also continued to check up on me every week. Since my weight and nutrition were on track, Andrea and I were able to concentrate on the details like posing, tanning, suits, makeup, travel, and hair. I sent Andrea pictures of me posing every week, and she would send me corrections and tell me things to work on. We even did posing sessions over the phone. Just by looking at my pictures, she was able to make corrections to my form. Her help made a huge difference at Nationals. Also, I normally just do my own hair and makeup for competitions, but Andrea introduced me to a wonderful hair and makeup stylist. This change also made a huge difference to the final product at Nationals.

I was 100% ready to go a week out from the competition. With Andrea’s help, my body was in perfect condition. Because of her attention to detail, nutrition plans, and cardio plans, I was able to relax that last week and concentrate on posing, packing, and primping myself!

In November, Andrea traveled to the competition to coach me. I was skeptical at first because I had always done competitions without a coach, but once I arrived at the competition, I was so happy that she was there. The evening before the competition she checked on my color and dryness. We also did a few posing sessions. Our phone and photo sessions had been so effective that she did not have many corrections for me once we were together. However, having an IFBB Pro approve my posing in person helped relieve some of my stage anxiety. The day of the competition she checked on me every hour and made adjustments to my nutrition plan based on the time I was to go on stage and how I looked. I could not have done that on my own! Finals were the next day, and she was there to help me every step of the way.

At Nationals, I placed 6th in Physique Class B. My placing was more than a 100% improvement from USA’s where I placed 13th! I owe much of my success to Andrea. She truly taught me the right way to eat before a competition, and her fun cardio plans were an added bonus to my prep! Since Nationals, I have avoided a huge weight rebound even through the holidays. Even though I am not in prep right now, I have continued to follow a meal plan similar to the maintenance one Andrea designed for me. Not because I want to lose weight, but because her plan was healthy and the right way to eat! Fitness is a lifelong commitment, and we must treat our bodies right! I absolutely loved working with Andrea, and I know you will too!

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  1. Andrea says:

    I absolutely LOVED coaching Holland! She did everything exactly as I had prescribed and was very successful in doing so!

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