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07/21/2013 by: Andrea

I came across a VERY well written article with some pretty awesome tips to follow come time to step on the stage. Here is a list of the good do’s and do NOT do’s of contest prep! :)

Entering the final 2 weeks of a contest prep is a very pivotal time. Often times this is when people do drastic things in hopes of making major changes to their physique. However, in most instances doing drastic things results in a less than pleasing outcome. Over the years I have seen dozens of prep coaches claim to have clever ways of dialing someone in. Personally, I feel this is silly and does nothing more than complicate a simple process. To better help novices I have compiled a list of things I do to help ensure I bring my best.

1. Be ready 10 days out! The diet is over, it’s time to bring the physique back to life. You need more food and less cardio. It takes time to bring a physique back from 4 months of dieting.

2. Train heavy till 10 days out. I don’t care how “carb depleted” you think you are.

3. If you did more than 70-80 min of cardio to get ready for the show you either got too fat in your off season, don’t train hard enough or overfed while dieting. In most instances it’s a combination of all 3.

4. Keep sodium high, mine is currently at over 6000mg.

5. WEIGH your meals

6. Switching to whole foods is a bit overrated, most people are on a budget and have minimum time to prep 7 meals a day. If you use shakes, keep them in till 2 days before the show. It’s suffice.

7. Limit water consumption several hours before bed to ensure you don’t get up 5+ times a night.

8. Don’t look at yourself 4 times a day expecting miracles. I prefer to assess myself when I wake up and before I eat. I am most dry at this time.

9. Don’t start switching foods around, stick to the foods you have been dieting on.

10. The scale is important but rely on pictures in good clear lighting. These are your best indicator of where you are at.

11. Remember, the only thing that matters is you look your BEST when it counts, on stage. It doesn’t matter 4 days or 3 hours before the show. So peak when you’re supposed to.

12. Shoot for 95%, if you shoot for your 100% you run the risk of doing something wrong. But 95% requires minimal changes. Just drop a little water and do a mild carb up.

13. If you hired someone, ONLY listen to them. Listening to several people ends up really causing havoc. If you do your own prep, trust your plan and assess when its over.

14. Stress can really blur a physique, try and remain calm. Keep things in perspective. Trust the hard work you put in to get you to this point.

I hope these tips help you or someone you know in their journey to the stage. I can’t stress it enough, if you do your work in the OFF SEASON it will show when you get on stage.

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