07/24/2013 by: Andrea

Well, it’s Wednesday and today is shoulder day. I’m currently sitting about 2 weeks out from the Tampa Pro and feeling very excited! I made first callout in Chicago and am hoping for the best in Tampa. All I can do is do MY personal best to beat my look for Tampa. I came in to that show very flat…so that means I get to EAT the night before Tampa! Yay! Conditioning is on point and I’m set on cruise control.

You can accomplish ANYTHING if you set your mind to do it. Never in a million years did I think I would be living my DREAM….Pro athlete, coach, published fitness model….but here I am! I have many to thank for helping me in my journey to success. So many have made an impact on my career and I’m forever grateful for every single one of them.

More updates coming soon…along with training videos…and more PICS!!!! Yay!!!! Till then….Happy Training!!!! xoxo

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