Tampa Pro

08/16/2013 by: Andrea

Tampa was in interesting experience…things did not go as well as I had anticipated, placing wise, but I met a ton of WONDERFUL ladies and formed some awesome connections that will last a lifetime!  I did a KILLER photoshoot with Mike Eckstut and cannot wait to share my pics with you here on my site! Beach shots are the BEST!!! :) I will have video as well!

I have officially started my off season training and plan to build a bigger, fuller package for next year. I started with a “base” at 118 pounds last year and stepped on stage at 132 pounds in Tampa after just a short 3 month off season. So let’s see what I can put on this frame in 6 months! Looking forward to packing it on!!! Here’s wishing all my fellow physique ladies the best of luck in Dallas today! Kill it ladies!!

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